Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App


Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App

Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App


Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App


Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App

Why Your Supply Chain Needs a Quality Control Checklist App


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Is a quality control checklist app worth your investment?

Any number of defective products in your supply chain can jeopardize your business’s reputation and lead to rework or even recalls. However, while quality control is always necessary, rigorous quality checks can be both time- and money-intensive. Additionally, reworking products after discovering defects cuts into your margins and disrupts your shipping schedule.

A quality control app for your inspectors in the field is a valuable tool that can help you streamline your quality control operations and ensure consistent quality, while achieving time savings of up to 40% and a significant reduction in data entry errors.

In this article, we will how a quality control app works, and how it might be helpful to your business.

What is a Quality Control Checklist App?

Historically, checking product quality has been a time-intensive process--largely because maintaining quality control checklists relied on paper, pen and clunky Excel spreadsheets.

In addition to being slow and inefficient, manual data collection is often unreliable, due to unavoidable human error. Plus, there is an ever-present risk of inconsistency, when there is no assurance that quality control for all products has been carried out according to the same process.

A quality control app is designed specifically for inspectors in the field, and offers them detailed checklists of quality control procedures (tests, checks, measurements) required for the product they have been assigned to inspect. As a product inspector goes through the checklist, they enter the findings of each test into the app, which uploads the quality data to centralized storage.

A library of ready-to-use checklists is usually included with such an app, but the brand or retailer’s quality team can customize the existing checklists to suit their requirements, or make new ones from scratch.

The Advantages of a Digital Quality Control Checklist App

A quality control checklist app allows your business to streamline the quality control process in three important ways:

1) Keeping your quality control data standardized;
2) Providing a single access point for all your up-to-date quality control standards and specifications; and
3) Saving up to 40% of your time compared to using paper-based records.

In practice, this translates to the following improvements:

  • Consistent product quality throughout your supply chain – by ensuring that all inspectors that perform quality control on your product use the correct, up-to-date standards and specifications.
  • Timely corrective and preventive action – by capturing your quality data in real time and giving you actionable insights to drive quality improvement throughout your supply chain.
  • Increased visibility into your supply chain­ – by giving you easy access to the quality data of all of your sourcing partners, allowing you to see quality trends, track product defects, and analyze individual performance of each supplier, factory, and inspector.
  • Efficient booking and scheduling – by automatically assigning inspections to team members based on availability and expertise.
  • Better collaboration between factories, bands and suppliers – by enabling real-time communication and ensuring that every supply chain stakeholder has a clear idea of your sourcing requirements and expectations.

Discover how GUESS increased profits with QIMAone!

Discover now!

Discover how GUESS increased profits with QIMAone!

Discover now!

QIMAone and Your Quality Control Checklists

The right quality control checklist app can streamline your inspection process – and dramatically improve your productivity. Now, the only question is: which app to choose? QIMAone’s mobile inspection app is a good starting point.

QIMAone is a smart and collaborative platform that helps brands and retailers improve their products and empower their suppliers with reliable data, real-time visibility, and standardized workflows.

QIMAone is an end-to-end cloud platform built by experts and backed with best-in-class services for quality and compliance professionals looking to deliver quality products with more control and transparency over their global supply network.

Thanks to a fully configurable platform with best quality assurance practices and a global presence of QIMA inspectors, buyers can deliver flawless products on time while securing profits and brand image with partners they can trust.

In addition, when using the QIMAone checklist app, you receive the benefits of:

  • More reliable data, which you can trust and utilize in decision making;
  • Streamlined processes, by having the same checklist and workflow for every manufacturer and supplier of the product;
  • Real-time insights into your product quality performance; and
  • Peace of mind knowing that all of your products are being tested to your exact specifications.

Want to see QIMAone in action?

Learn more by scheduling a demo today.


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